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    The Fellows of the cave

The Fellows of the cave -7 Sleepers
Ever since I started publishing the Elbistan Sesi Gazetesi newspaper in July 1960, I have had an ambition to find the location of the Holy cave of Al-Kahf as it is often known.
I researched the cave in many books, yet always a voice in mind always said the cave is located in AFSHIN. I spent years reading around the subject from which I wrote the Flour Box (Un Sandigi) which readers are probably already familiar with.
In fact the verse of Holy Quran indicates the cave as being in Afshin, and I believe all my research to date of reputable sources will further prove that those men who had set their minds- their loyal hearts and their youth to serving God their creator had slept for 309 years without waking in the cave of Al-Kahf located at Afshin. Such sources included the Kubay Nazar from Kazakistan and the deceased former Mufti Reshit Yinanch who I referred to in my book the Flour Box.
My research indicates some 33 claimed Holy Al-Kahf caves in the world. I do not deny the existence of any of them, as any one of them might be the location of the Holy cave. However, I believe the real location to be at AFSHIN; although Almightly Allah only knows the truth.
As a Professional Journalist, I use the Internet as the easiest way to get in touch with people throughout the world. I can be contacted at my web site at which you can find from both of my two books the Forwards and Introductions. In these books you will find the characters in my books, the Holy Al-Kahf all make available to all of mankind. Unfortunately, it is not possible to publish my books on the Internet. Experts tell me that some part of my books are already taught in schools and part of one of my books called 'Treni Ilk Gorenler' is being taught in the Science and Literature Faculty of Kocaeli University.
As I have already written in my first book (1. Page 14), please feel free to contact me with any experiences you feel relevant and they may be published in my next book; and it will be an Eternal Story.
My contact details:
Address: Mehmet GOCER, Gazeteci-Yazar ElbistanÃn Sesi Gazetesi -ELBISTAN, Turkey
Phone: +90 344 415 4040
Fax: +90 344 415 4041
Mobile: +90536 544 5858
Email :
COME! COME AND SEE. Please accept this invitation to come and see the cave in which the 7 Sleepers slept for 309 years 2000 years ago. The 7 Sleepers are an example of Life after death and it all happened in a cave in Afshin, Turkey as recorded in Holy Quran (Sura 18.verse 9-26). *
The cave is a such a Holy place that were the leader of the Roman Catholic world to come and see it, he would declare this Holy place as a pilgrimage area.
The 7 Sleepers of Eshab i-Kehf slept for 309 years 2000 years ago were Jesus apostles and friends. Allah called them ''my friends, my comrades’’ saved them from DAKYANUS by sheltering them in the cave whilst they slept for 309 years.
This invitation is extended to the heads and followers of all the great religions of the world.
There is probably no other example of such a marvellous piece of religious architecture that transcends the two greatest religions in the world. Started in the Christian times of Turkey and completed during the Islamic period, the pulpit is in a Holy cave in Turkey, I believe is one of the marvels of the world for all those people who behold it.
The Holy cave of Al-Kahf is spoken of in the holy Quoran as the place where the Seven Fellows; the sleepers slept for over 300 years. Despite many claims, has never been truly found; that is until now. I have spent 50 years researching the whereabouts of the celebrated holy cave of Al Kafh and through scientific process and the input and validation of many experts, I can now prove the cave and its pulpit to be in Afshin, Turkey.
Such experts included:
Abdullah GUNEN , Dean of the Science and Literature Faculty Physics Department at Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey; a designated expert recognised by the ' civil court of peace ' in Afshin.
Assistant Prof. Dr. Birol GUROL of Ankara University Science Faculty Astronomy Department, and
Assistant Prof. Dr. Zekeriya MUYESSEROGLU whose following transcript, I believe helps substantiate my claim:
' We went to the Holy Cave on 24/06/2005 at 04.30am. The technician sprepared all their equipment to record the events at sunrise, and we all waited. There were many people who wanted to see this ! Finally, at 05.05am, the sun rose and the sun 's rays filled the cave in which those fellows, the 'Seven Sleepers ' slept. Four hours later, the rays disappeared from the cave ; just as it had been written in the Holy Qoran. The recording of the events was then submitted to an able judge for validation and a report comprising the judge's findings was published one month later'.
Whilst I cannot publish that report on my website, it is now my duty to present to all the world the findings that will substantiate my claims about the holy cave based on my research of some 50years.

*Quran- Kerim: Sura 106 Verse 6-26
18:9 'Or, do you think that the fellows of the cave and the inscription were of our wonderful signs?'
18:10 ‘When the youths sought refuge in the cave, they said: "Our Lord!
grant us mercy from Thee, and provide for us a right course in our
18:11 'So We prevented them from hearing in the cave for a number of
18:12 'Then We raised them up that We might know which of the two parties
was best able to compute the time for which they remained.'
18:13 'We relate to you their story with the truth; surely they were
youths who believed in their Lord and We increased them in guidance.'
18:14 'And We strengthened their hearts with patience, when they stood up
and said: Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth; we will by
no means call upon any god besides Him, for then indeed we should have
said an extravagant thing.'
18:15 'These our people have taken gods besides Him; why do they not
produce any clear authority in their support? Who is then more unjust
that he who forges a lie against Allah?'
18:16 'And when you forsake them and what they worship save Allah, betake
yourselves for refuge to the cave; your Lord will extend to you largely
of His mercy and provide for you a profitable course in your affair.'
18:17 'And you might see the sun when it rose, decline from their cave
towards the right hand, and when it set, leave behind on the left while
they were in a wide space thereof. This is of the signs of Allah;
whomsoever Allah guides, he is the rightly guided one, and whomsoever
He causes to err, you shall not find for him any friend to lead (him)

The commentary continues through ayas 18-24.

18:25 'And they remained in their cave three hundred years and (some)
add (another) nine.'
18:26 'Say: Allah knows best how long they remained; to Him are (known)
the unseen things of the heavens and the earth; how clear His sight and how clear His hearing! There is none to be gaurdian for them besides Him, and He does not make any one His associate in His Judgement.'      

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